Hot topic — the cycleway


The West Harbour cyclewaywalkway is by far the biggest issue in the minds of local residents ahead of the local body elections.
All of the people The Star approached on the street this week felt the West Harbour Community Board (renamed from Chalmers Community Board) had done a good job of advocating for the completion of the final section of the cyclewaywalkway to Port Chalmers. However, with the New Zealand Transport Agency putting the expected $6 million project on hold last month over concerns of a massive budget blowout, it is back to the drawing board for the community.
Expect to see a lot more on this issue, which is causing frustration for many in the community — particularly cycle commuters and those who see it as a tourism opportunity going begging — during the next three years.
The West Harbour Community Board has had success in tackling several other thorny community issues, including the removal of sycamores alongside State Highway 88 at Ravensbourne, highlighting the problem of geese at Watson Park, road safety on the highway and in the centre of Port Chalmers. The board was also involved in successful negotiations with trucking companies on the issue of empty trucks using Blueskin Rd to return north after visiting the port.
Several of these projects will continue, with plans in place for further removal of sycamores this summer, and road safety an ongoing concern.
Many West Harbour residents are also keen to see more promotion of Port Chalmers as a destination for tourists, cruise ship passengers, and local visitors during the next three years.