Hearty kindy lunches result in Gold Star


Abbotsford Kindergarten’s hard work paid off when it received the Pa-Harakeke, or Gold Star, Award from the Heart Foundation.
The award is the top level Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award, achieved by teaching children about healthy eating and physical activity as well as engaging the wider community.
Head teacher Erin Hall said staff worked hard last year to teach the children about making healthy choices.
“We have been teaching them about food nutrition and encouraging parents to think about healthy options for the kids’ lunchboxes,” she said.
The kindergarten gave parents guidelines for healthy lunch box options and used its vegetable garden to help children learn about growing healthy food.
It also had a focus on exercise when it held a mini-Olympics last year.
The kindergarten had involved the Abbotsford community in its programme, Ms Hall said.
She paid tribute to her “wonderful” staff.
Heart Foundation health promotion co-ordinator Qa-t-a Amun worked with kindergarten staff to help them achieve the award.
The kindergarten will hold the award for three years before being reassessed.
It has received the award before and has been working with Ms Amun since 2012.