Fundraiser for Tanzanian school

Village life . . . Shukuru Munro, of Broad Bay, is set to host a Tanzanian fundraising dinner in Coronation Hall in Portobello next month. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A Dunedin seaside village is set for a taste of East Africa.

Broad Bay School cleaner Shukuru Munro was raised in the village of Kelema in Tanzania.

She has called Broad Bay, in Dunedin, home for 20 years, but every time she visits the African village, she takes a suitcase with gear to give pupils of her former school.

“They love sport and last year I took soccer balls and a tennis set, and lots of pens and pencils – to have those is a luxury – they don’t have a lot.”

But what the Tanzanian pupils lacked in material items, they made up for in wisdom, she said.

Broad Bay School pupils gave her items and wrote letters for her to give to the pupils of Kelema Primary.

About 5000 people lived in the village and about 900 pupils, aged between 7 and 15, attended its school.

Many of the pupils lived in outlying villages which had no schools.

Consequently, many pupils had to run to get to school.

“I was lucky, I had to run 7km to get to school – some kids have to run a half marathon.”

The school had no water supply and its toilet facility was three long drops.

In a bid to raise funds to build a better toilet at the school, she launched the inaugural fundraising dinner Taste of Tanzania in Macandrew Bay Community Hall on June 16.

About 60 people attended and $4000 was raised.

“The community really got behind the project.”

The next fundraising dinner was booked in Coronation Hall in Portobello from 5pm on September 7.

Dunedin East Rotary Club helped organise both dinners.

The club made the call to target raising funds to send a shipping container of items to the school.

Cook Brothers Construction had already given 40 desks to put in the container.

She hoped some bikes could be put in the container for pupils who lived far away from their school.

At the fundraiser, filmmaker Peter Hayden would speak and diners would feast on traditional Tanzanian food including goat and a range of dishes including beans, maize and vegetables and spices (but nothing too hot).

A mix of traditional Tanzanian and contemporary New Zealand music would be performed in the hall and dancing would be encouraged.

Tickets from Musselburgh Pharmacy or Macandrew Bay Pharmacy (cash only).