Fourth generation now at school


When Emma North started at Portobello School on Monday, she was following in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Emma (5) is the fourth generation of females in her family to attend the school.

Her great-grandmother Wendy Morris (87, nee Hellyer) attended the school in the 1930s, her grandmother Heather Morris (64, nee Allison) was a pupil in the ’60s and her mother Allison North (40, nee Morris) followed suit in the ’80s.

So it was only fitting they all accompanied her to the school on her first day.

Mrs North said it was “really special” to have all four of them together at the school on Monday.

She had always hoped her children would attend the school.

“Before we had kids I always dreamed they would go to Portobello School like I did . . . everything sort of fell into place and it worked.”

Her son Josh (8) also attends the school, as did her father.

Mrs North and her husband Mike lived in Australia for six years before they had children and moved back to Portobello to be closer to family.

Now, all four generations live on the same street.

“It’s nice to have family so close.

“We are all just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.”

She said the school had not changed much since she was a pupil.

The classrooms remained much the same. It was the improvement in technology that was the major difference.

The school pool had a roof and was heated, the playground had a few new features and there were “iPads everywhere”.

Mrs North said Emma had enjoyed her first few days of school.