Foaming fountains overflow in the Octagon

Bubble bath . . Siblings Arrsalan (8) and Safa (6) Nayle play in the foam in the lower Octagon on Saturday night. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Someone must have thought the Octagon needed a good clean at the weekend.

On Saturday night, white foam was pooling and flowing out of two fountains in the lower Octagon.

The Star saw dozens of people playing in, and taking photos of, the foam from about 9.20pm.

Siblings Arrsalan and Safa Nayle spent about 40 minutes playing in it – running through it and throwing it up in the air.

Safa said it was “fun” to play with.

“And it’s snowy,” Arrsalan said.

Dunedin City Council parks and recreation group manager Robert West said the council was unsure when the detergent was put into the fountain, or how much was used.

The council was alerted to the foam when its after-hours call centre received a call, he said.

Although the council did “not support people putting detergent in the water”, it was not investigating the matter.

“We don’t encourage this type of activity but we wouldn’t pursue further action.”

The foam was cleaned up by contractors on Monday, he said.