“Flimsy” guardrail under scrutiny

A new wooden and steel guard rail damaged by a motorcycle crash in Portobello Rd.

An investigation has been launched after a request to replace a “flimsy” barrier on a dangerous corner in Macandrew Bay with something more robust in a bid to stop cars entering the Otago Harbour.

Fulton Hogan senior bid manager Joe Connolly, speaking at an Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting in Portobello last week , updated members on the progress on the project to widen Portobello and Harington Point Rds.

Fulton Hogan senior bid manager Joe Connolly

Board member Lox Kellas asked Mr Connolly if a “flimsy” guardrail around “crisis corner” could be made more robust, similar to new barriers made of wood and steel installed at completed parts of the project.

The corner, near Saint Ronans Rd, on the Dunedin side of Glenfalloch Garden and Restaurant, was the site were many motorists had driven off Portobello Rd into harbour, he said.

“It’s a $4 million corner.”

The dollar figure was the cost to New Zealand after a fatal crash, he said.

Although the crash rate was high at the corner, none of them had been fatal, he said.

Board deputy chairman Hoani Langsbury said a new guardrail was damaged over the holiday period after being hit by a motorcycle.

Board chairman Paul Pope said the guard worked as it effectively stopped whatever hit it.

Mr Connolly said he would investigate Mr Kellas’ request.