Fishing day “brilliant”

Cambria Perez (7) and her father Tyson Perez, show a rainbow trout she caught at a Take a Kid Fishing Day at the Southern Reservoir in Dunedin on Saturday.

Fun was the catch of the day at Take a Kid Fishing Day in Dunedin on Saturday.

Otago Fish & Game officer Nigel Pacey said about 140 children enjoyed the “brilliant” day at the Southern Reservoir.

The novice anglers landed about 12 trout.

“There was lots of laughter and lots of whooping when fish were caught.”

Edison Brown (3) caught and released a small trout and continued fishing.

“We’ll see if its bigger brother is here.”

Max Connor (9) also caught and released a trout.

“It was a bit too little to keep.”

Cambria Perez (7) caught a rainbow trout.

It was the third time she had attended the event but it was the first trout she had caught.

“Finally I got one.”

Otago Fish & Game officer Steve Dixon said 500 trout, ranging between 1kg and 5kg, were released in the Southern Reservoir last week for the novice anglers to catch.

The event, which is traditionally held over four days at the end of September, was postponed as alterations to the overflow in the reservoir resulted in the water level being low until the end of November.

Consequently, the event was “condensed” into one day this year.