First-timer and old hand share verse prize

Winners . . . Molly Crighton and Jacob Cone were first-equal in the WriteNow poetry competition. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

When it comes to poetry competitions, it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time or longtime entrant.

Molly Crighton and Jacob Cone (both 17) were first-equal in the WriteNow poetry competition.

Molly, a Columba College pupil, based her poem on the internet – in particular, the website Reddit.

She liked that the website was “very lawless” and “anyone can talk to anyone”.

“I was just inspired by how people can achieve things that are below the radar, subverting normal society conventions.”

The internet was like a “secret world”, she said.

“It’s just like a new world that’s emerging and no-one really has any idea what it’s going to be like.”

The year 13 pupil has entered the competition, and won an award, every year since it started in 2014.

She liked that the competition had no real rules, and entrants were told to “just write a poem”.

Molly plans to study English at the University of Otago and hopes to become a writer.

Kaikorai Valley College pupil Jacob, who entered the competition for the first time, channelled positivity when writing his poem Chrysalis

“It was about how we start off as a person sort of incomplete and then you grow into this person and break your own boundaries and expectations,” he said.

The year 13 pupil wrote the poem before the competition and entered it because it was one of his favourites.

“The judge wanted more of a focus on what it means to be alive this year, so I thought that poem suited pretty well.”