End-of-year show ‘bittersweet’ affair

Debrief time . . . Otago Polytechnic School of Design students Kate Weith (left) and Charlotte Goodyear are looking forward to "Debrief", the polytechnic design students' showcase which opens tonight. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Wrapping up their design degree with an exhibition will be a “bittersweet” moment for Otago Polytechnic students.

“Debrief”, a showcase by the polytechnic’s School of Design students, will be on display in the polytechnic’s hub from tonight until Sunday.

School of Design lecturer Denise Narciso said creating the exhibition was part of the students’ design course.

“All third-year students in School of Design – communication, product and fashion – come together for the course and they’re assigned to different teams.”

The teams were tasked with different aspects of the exhibition, such as branding and marketing.

Product design student Charlotte Goodyear said creating the exhibition was a nice way to end the degree.

There were many different factors to consider, such as sustainability of the physical displays.

The students wanted to reuse as much material as they could, while also making sure it was “fresh and new”.

“I think it’s been nice doing this right at the end before you go into the real world.

“It feels like a nice conclusion. It’s a little bittersweet.”

More than 40 client projects would be on display in the showcase, which was a chance to celebrate the students’ work, Ms Narciso said.

Using real clients not only enhanced the students’ learning, but was also a great way to get “real world” experience in the industry and community, she said.

Communication design student Kate Weith said her degree involved working with several Dunedin organisations.

“It’s definitely given a lot of people confidence going into the real world.

“Working alongside real-world clients is so valuable because it just makes you really prepared to get out there and just start doing it.”