Ed fix

Laneway co-owner Nicol Kennedy says foot traffic in Bath St has increased thanks to the mural of Ed Sheeran. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

About 60,000 Ed Sheeran fans are pouring into Dunedin this week, emptying their pockets of an expected $34million into the city’s economy.

And Laneway cafe co-owner Nicol Kennedy, whose Bath St business is next to Dunedin’s newest street art in honour of the visiting pop star, is reaping the benefits one coffee at time.

“Heaps of people have been coming in that still don’t know that we are here, so it’s been really good for us,” Ms Kennedy said. “It’s been awesome having more people down Bath St.”

Ms Kennedy said people usually only walked along the street on the way to somewhere else.

“It’s been really good to have that vibe in the street and another reason to come down here other than just cafes or parking,” she said.

A mix of people had been seeking out the mural, from Dunedin residents to tourists, she said.

“It puts Dunedin on the map.”

Graffiti that was painted on the mural was erased yesterday morning.