Ease of track network accented

Making walking easy . . . Pauline Beekhuis, Paul Pope (centre) and John Beekhuis peruse a brochure put together by the Dunedin Amenities Society to help both local people and visitors explore the town belt. PHOTO: ELLA STOKES

Planning on doing some walking this summer? The Dunedin Town Belt is right on the city’s door step with many walking tracks to explore, and is now much easier to navigate thanks to a new brochure.

The Dunedin Town Belt is one of New Zealand’s oldest reserves and one of only three Victorian town belts in the world. It is home to a rich environment of animal and plant life and well-established walking tracks.

Dunedin Amenities Society president Paul Pope said the idea to create the brochure outlining the walking tracks came after the biannual traverse through the Town Belt, which 900 people attended.

“A lot of people didn’t realise all of these walking tracks were here, so the brochure aims to show people how easy it is to utilise this area”.

The Dunedin Amenities Society, formed in 1888, is New Zealand’s oldest environmental society, and has always been heavily involved in the preservation of the town belt.

Amenities society members John and Pauline Beekhuis

have led the development of the brochure and want both local people and those visiting Dunedin to enjoy the walks.

“All parts of the walks can be accessed using public transport, meaning if people don’t have a car or are visiting they can get to them,” Mr Beekhuis said.

It offered yet another activity for people while they were in Dunedin, Mrs Beekhuis said

“It’s something different for people to do rather than just hanging around the shops”.

Enthusiastic explorer of the city’s many tracks and trails Antony Hamel had also been involved with creating the brochure, putting his own touches to the map to help people pilot their way around the tracks.

Brochures available from Toitu Settlers Museum, First Church Centre, Dunedin Botanic Garden and i-Site Visitor Centre.