DVML halves its workforce


The company that runs Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium and other city venues has halved its workforce as it faces the prospect of few to no events being held at its venues for an extended period.

Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) released no specific details of which staff lost their jobs, but confirmed 16 of 32 total positions were disestablished.

“Early decisions made by the Government around restrictions on mass gatherings, the need for physical distancing and the New Zealand borders closing have had an immediate and devastating impact on DVML’s revenue,” chief executive Terry Davies said in a statement.

Predictions the impact on DVML’s operations would continue for the foreseeable future were confirmed by the amended restrictions announced last week, where Alert Levels 2 and 3 still limited the numbers permitted to attend an event or gathering.

“For DVML, this creates little to no prospect of events being held at its venues for some time,” he said.

As it became clear DVML would continue to suffer the effects of the pandemic for a significant period, it also became clear it needed to act responsibly to remain a financially sustainable business, leading to the disestablishment of 16 positions.

Staff who remained employed by DVML had agreed to an immediate and indefinite reduction in salary, a shorter working week and to take a period of leave.

He and company directors had taken a 20% pay cut, Mr Davies said.

“DVML is enormously proud of what the team has delivered and for the positive economic impact that it has had for our city. Working through the unexpected and significant impact of Covid-19 has been challenging for our close-knit and high-performing team, as we recognise it is the contributions of each of our talented team members which has led to DVML’s success,” he said.