Dread-less and ‘loving it’

Cracker time . . . Maggie Garden and her son Chris Millar pull a Christmas cracker in St Clair on Monday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Dunedin man Chris Millar won’t miss having dreadlocks this Christmas.

“I’m loving it without them.”

He and his “natty” hairstyle featured in The Star in May.

His long dreadlocks took a decade to grow and minutes to remove in June.

The haircut raised money for medical treatment for his mother, Maggie Garden, who has neuroendocrine tumours and carcinoid syndrome.

The cancer is incurable but the fundraising effort continues to get her peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in Australia to extend her life.

She had major surgery in Auckland in July to remove her gallbladder, appendix, some glands, part of her bowel and 30% of her liver.

“I get a bit sore at times but otherwise I’m doing really well,” Ms Garden said.

Further scans would decide when she would have the therapy.

She was planning a “relaxing” Christmas in Dunedin with family, including her partner Jocko, her son, five “gorgeous” grandchildren and her daughter, Amy Millar, who shaved off her shoulder-length hair at the fundraising event in June.

“Her hair has grown back but she looked good with short hair. She gets her looks from her mother,” Ms Garden said, laughing.