Dog poo bags wait for owners

Ashleigh Simpson, of Mosgiel, and her whippet cross Moxy.

Dunedin dog owners collected about a quarter of the poo bag rolls they collectively paid more than $18,000 for.

The Dunedin City Council began offering free compostable dog poo bag rolls for the 2019-20 financial year, as part of dog registration.

Council compliance, animal and parking services team leader Peter Hanlin said the $18,020 cost for the rolls in 2019-20 was covered by dog registration fees.

Dog owners needed to collect one roll of the bags from the council every two months of the year from council service centres, using a card that would be sent with their registration pack.

About 18,000 dogs registered in Dunedin last year, Mr Hanlin said.

If every owner collected the six rolls of bags available to them it would equate to 108,000 rolls.

About 28,420 rolls were collected in 2019-20, he said.

The rolls of bags would be available again to owners of registered dogs in the 2020-21 year.

“While we have a good supply, we don’t have enough bags to give dog owners their full quota immediately. Due to Covid-19, there is uncertainty about when our new stock will arrive. Once it has arrived, we may be able to allow multiple rolls to be collected.”

The $25,000 cost for the rolls in 2020-21 would be covered by the animal services budget, he said.

In 2020-21, 85.5% of the animal services budget comes from registration fees, the rest was from general rates, he said.


Reporter Shawn McAvinue visited East Taieri Dog Park on Saturday and asked dog owners two questions.

1. How many of the six compostable dog poo bag rolls did you collect from the Dunedin City Council in the past financial year?

2. Do you think the council’s $25,000 investment in the rolls this financial year is worthwhile, and why?