Dental alumni gather for 50 year reunion

Back together . . . University of Otago class of 1969 dental students gather during a 50th reunion at the dental school last Friday. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

A group of University of Otago alumni make sure they continue their regular dentist visits.

About 25 dental students from the class of 1969, and their spouses, reunited at the weekend.

During the reunion, the group toured the new dental school, visited Larnach Castle and the OCHO chocolate factory, and took a train trip to Waitati.

Alumni Rex Moore said there had been “huge changes” to the university since the group studied there.

There used to be 6000-7000 students, and now there were more than 20,000.

There had also been “massive” changes to the university, including new buildings and streets closed to make the campus more inclusive

Reunions were fairly common among the group – they tended to get together every three or four years, he said.

Since most of them were now retired, they decided to have a longer reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

It was important to have them “so we can see each other getting older”, he joked.

They were always keen to hear what each other were up to.

“We were always a very close class anyway.

“We made permanent friendships at university and we’ve carried on, so that’s nice.”