Cross about Abbotsford crossing

Bridge blue . . . Rob Fitzpatrick inspects a chunk of asphalt left behind after a temporary repair of a bridge deck in Abbotsford. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Dunedin City Council contractors need to clean up their “awful mess” and finish a job in Abbotsford started a month ago, a resident says.

Rob Fitzpatrick, of Abbotsford, said council contractors started work on the deck of a railway overpass bridge linking Abbotsford and North Taieri Rds about a month ago.

One lane was closed for two days and council contractors “destroyed” the deck surface with a grinder before “disappearing”.

He wanted the contractors to return and finish the work.

“I have no idea why they did this and didn’t finish it – it’s a mess.”

Motorists had been removing large chunks of asphalt from the deck and piling them on a grassed area near the bridge.

He warned motorists to avoid the area if possible as it was “awful”.

Clay on the deck had created “gooey lumps” for motorists to contend with, he said.

Council transport delivery manager Josh von Pein said maintenance work on the deck earlier this year “uncovered some issues requiring more substantial permanent repairs to the deck surface and surrounding drainage”.

A temporary deck surface was constructed while staff conducted additional investigations and designs, he said.

“The temporary repairs haven’t lasted well and staff are monitoring them closely to see whether further work is needed before the permanent repairs are done.”

A timeframe had not been confirmed for the permanent repairs but he wanted to see the work start later this month. Permanent repairs were best done after winter, he said.

The clay was part of the bridge structure, Mr von Pein said.

“It will be covered over when permanent repairs are made.”