Creating the vision


2017: `Positive, confident, outward-looking Dunedin’

Looking at the big picture, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull sees a “positive, confident, outward-looking Dunedin” as the city moves into 2017.
The Dunedin City Council had consolidated an array of strategies during the past three years as it worked towards the overarching vision of Dunedin as “one of the world’s great small cities”, Mr Cull said.
These included the economic development, transport, environment, 3 Waters, social wellbeing and arts and culture strategies, as well as the spatial plan. The parks and recreation strategy is to be completed this year.
“These strategies are very important. They provide a vision of what our city needs to be in the future,” Mr Cull said.
“They are about our aspirations, and they provide a road map for us to get there.”
Creating the vision of becoming one of the great small cities of the world had been a catalyst for Dunedin people and businesses to lift their heads and look “offshore”.
“We don’t earn our way in our own backyard; we earn our way by exporting,” Mr Cull said.
Exports included intellectual property, design and biomedical research.
“I think the whole suite of strategies highlighted that we need to be more out[ward]-looking, more future-focused and confident, and I think we are succeeding in that.”
The city’s crowded events calendar for 2017, which included festivals, concerts and sporting events, was an ongoing trend and there was a greater need for “visitor infrastructure” such as accommodation and visitor experiences as a result.
“Accommodation-wise, we need to be offering a variety of options –┬ánot everyone will stay in a five-star hotel, but there are enough people who will.”
The central city would be a major item on the council’s agenda over the next three years, Mr Cull said.
“Everything down the main street needs to be replaced –┬ápavers, pipes, wire, you name it. Everything is up for renewal,” he said.