Couple taking road seal request to the top

Movers and shakers . . . Otago Peninsula residents Sam and Christine Neill requested the Otago Peninsula Community Board's support, at its latest meeting, in getting the Dunedin City Council to seal part of Allans Beach Rd. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

Dust from a gravel road is tainting a private water tank.

Sam and Christine Neill spoke at the Otago Peninsula Community Board meeting last week, requesting the board’s support in asking the Dunedin City Council to seal about 500m of Allans Beach Rd.

In a letter to the board, they wrote that over the past few years their water had gone from being “absolutely clear” to having “fine sediments”.

“We believe this is coming from the dust from the road.”

Traffic on the road had increased in the past three years and, on a busy day, a vehicle could pass every three minutes.

During the public forum, Mrs Neill said that “great clouds of dust” could be seen coming from the road.

It had been getting worse each year, but was particularly bad this year, she said.

Mr Neill said they wanted this area of the road to be treated in isolation to the rest of it.

Sealing the whole road was a big job.

“This is a very small job.”

Their neighbours were not as affected, because they were further back from the road, he said.

Board member Lox Kellas said a couple of years ago he noted about 60 vehicles per hour used the road.

He supported the submission.

Board chairman Paul Pope said sealing the road had been in the annual plan for the past three years.

The Neills planned to make a submission to the council.

Dunedin City Council transport delivery manager Josh Von Pein there was no budget allocated to sealing any existing gravel roads in the council’s annual or long-term plans.

All residents were encouraged to make submissions to the Long-term Plan so the council could decide what would be funded, he said.