Celebrating Scottishness . . . Sheila and Todd wall clad in their highland gear in their Brighton home. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD

Getting Dunedinites interested in their Scottish history is the aim of one clan member.

Clan Gunn member Sheila Wall said with five clans in the city and a Caledonian Society, there were plenty of opportunities to celebrate the city’s Scottish heritage.

There were a variety of chances to socialise and celebrate “Scottishness” through regular clan activities, as well as combined events with all the clans four times a year.

Clan Gunn has 25 members in Dunedin, making it one of the largest clans in the city, she said.

However, as nearly everyone in Dunedin had a “teaspoon of Scottish blood in them”, there were many more who could join various clans if they researched their history, she said.

The clans were working towards various activities and Mrs Wall encouraged residents to look into their history leading up to the celebration of St Andrew’s day in November.

She said many residents enjoyed events such as Ireland’s national day, St Patrick’s day, and she encouraged them to also take an interest in Scottish history and celebrations.

Mrs Wall’s husband, Todd, was the high commissioner for Clan Gunn in New Zealand, representing the clan at official events and encouraging those of Scottish heritage to be interested in their history, she said.

People interested in investigating their Scottish heritage can email Todd Wall at or phone 481-1105.