Countdown to ‘Poppins’


A dose of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” excitement is set to hit the stage next week, when Taieri Musical’s production of Mary Poppins opens at the Regent Theatre.

Director Doug Kamo was excited about the “phenomenal” all-Dunedin-based cast, featuring Nadya Shaw Bennett as Mary Poppins and Evan Fenemor as Bert.

Kelly Hocking and Greg MacLeod would be stepping into the roles of Winifred and George Banks, respectively, while MacLeod’s son Lucas would play his on-stage son Michael and Grace Johnston would take up the character of Jane Banks.

The production had been in the works for more than 18 months, with pre-production already in the works while DKML and Taieri Musical were in the midst of the Grease: Arena Spectacular last year.

The production would be “one of the most technically challenging” shows he had managed in his more than 25 years in theatre.

While he did not want to give too many elements of the show away, he said a scene near the end of the show would amaze audiences with a feat that had never been seen at the Regent before.

“It will blow everything out of the water.”

Ticket sales for the production were “really good”, with the two matinee performances “heavily booked.”

Mary Poppins runs at the Regent Theatre from May 18 to May 26. Ticket details and show information can be found at