Council action urged on slip

Chris Still inspects a slip on Sunshine Lane in Musselburgh on Tuesday, July 10. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Sunshine Lane in Musselburgh is closed as a result of Dunedin City Council contractors failing to clear vegetation blocking a drain, a frustrated resident claims.

Chris Still, of Musselburgh, said the lane, which links Moana Cres and Portobello Rd, was popular with pedestrians and cyclists.

The lane needed to be fixed and reopened.

A large slip forced the closure of a section of the lane about two months ago, he said.

Mr Still believed the slip was a result of the council contractors failing to clear vegetation from an open drain running down the side of a section of the lane.

As a result of the blocked drain, stormwater was forced across the path, weakening the bank on the other side.

Contractors needed to clear the drain or more slips would occur, he said.

Mr Still said he had called the council every week for the past three weeks to raise his concerns.

A council staff member had taken a message each time and indicated a transport team member would be in touch but no-one had called, he said.

He wanted a council staff member to visit the lane to see the issue with the blocked drain, before more slips happened and it became a bigger problem to fix, he said.

“It’ll happen again.”

Council transport delivery manager Josh von Pein said the path was closed after “prolonged rainfall” caused a landslip.

“The landslip developed in the soil and vegetation overlying the natural bedrock which was saturated due to the rain event.

“We received no reports of blocked drains from our inspectors prior to the rainfall.”

The council would repair the path and was investigating design solutions, he said.

Affected residents would be informed when repairs were to begin.