Surprise addition . . . A road cone sits atop the Fortune Theatre this week. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD

The mysterious appearance of a road cone has staff at the Fortune Theatre baffled.

Marketing and communications manager Jordan Dickson said the road cone placed on top of the building “appeared out of the blue”, staff having discovered it when they arrived at the theatre on Monday morning.

Staff were unsure who was responsible, but Mr Dickson said he had heard some speculation.

“I did hear someone say it might have been some very very brave student, but I have no clue.”

An “intrepid urban explorer” had probably made the climb, Mr Dickson said.

The person in question must have been “pretty keen” to complete the task, he said.

He was unsure what route the person responsible had taken to get up there, but he suspected they might have used the scaffolding on the Corso Centre building next door to the theatre, which is being renovated.

“Maybe it was an opportune moment.”

Corso Centre manager Margaret Price said it was “more than likely” the person had used the scaffolding to get up.

Mr Dickson said he did not think any theatre staff would be brave enough to remove the road cone, which he thought “might disappear just as quickly as it appeared”.

Asked if the incident could serve as fodder for an incident in a play, he said it could inspire the theatre’s 2018 season.