Community board wants speed humps to stay


The West Harbour Community Board is opposed to the recommended removal of temporary speed humps at Te Ngaru, near Aramoana.

Installed 18 months ago in response to residents’ concerns about traffic speeds in the settlement, the six trial speed humps have been partially successful.

Based on its monitoring and feedback from residents, the Dunedin City Council considered the speed humps were not appropriate for the area and recommended that they be removed.

There were no funds available to make the speed humps permanent.

However, feedback received by the community board suggested that the majority of Te Ngaru residents would like them to be made permanent, board chairwoman Francisca Griffin said.

The board discussed the issue at length, with the general feeling that removing the speed humps would upset the local community.

However, board members felt their placement needed improvement.

The board was unanimous in passing a motion put forward by Duncan Eddy “that the temporary speed humps at Te Ngaru remain in place until further information on traffic-calming measures is provided for the next West Harbour Community Board meeting”.

Ms Griffin told The Star the speed humps were ” firmly on the board’s radar – they will happen.”