Community board approves local petitions


The Otago Peninsula Community Board has dished out funding for a Harwood community hall and an upcoming event in Macandrew Bay.

At the latest meeting, the board approved $600 to the Otago Peninsula Trust for the Glenfalloch night garden event, which will be held over three nights next month.

The money will go towards a sound system and material for school artwork. The trust was seeking $5000 for the event, which is estimated to cost about $56,000.

During discussions, board member Lox Kellas said he was not comfortable giving that much money to the organisation as it was a business with salaried staff.

“Deep down business is business and our business is looking after the community.”

He suggested the board give the $250 needed to hire a sound system.

Chairman Paul Pope said while the event would be “positive for the peninsula”, the money sought was half of the board’s budget.

He suggested the board “compromise” and also give the $350 required for school artwork materials.

“I feel like we should make some contribution.”

Christine Neill moved that the board give $600, specially for the sound system and school art materials, to which board members agreed.

The board also gave $1500 to the Scott Hall Committee to buy a new oven for the hall in Harwood.

The committee has already raised $500 and the total cost of the project was $3543.

Committee chairman Chris Helm wrote in a letter to the board the current oven was “no longer fit for purpose”.

Board member Edna Stevenson said the hall was “well-used” by the community and she would be happy to give some money since the committee had already raised $500.

Mr Kellas said the hall was a “community focal point” and the committee maintained the building.

Board chairman Paul Pope said the committee had never requested money from the board before.