Slow season . . . St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool supervisor Ian Fitzpatrick checks out the pool, which has not had as many swimmers this season. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

About 17,000 fewer swimmers have visited the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool so far this season compared with last summer, due the colder weather.

More than 26,000 swimmers have so far visited the pool since it opened for the season on October 1, compared with 43,074 during the 2015-16 season.

The pool, along with the Port Chalmers and Mosgiel pools, will close next week for winter.

Moana Pool manager Nicola Smith said attendance at the hot salt water pool was weather-dependent and numbers were down this season.

“If we have a really hot summer then the pool is booming the whole time.

“It’s a wee bit down but on the good days we had they took in good numbers.”

The pool, which is outside and uncovered, still had regular swimmers but did not attract the same number of families as the previous season.

“You will still get your regulars that will go swimming. Even if it’s raining, they will still go, but you’re not going to get your families or your small children on a horrible day.

“We all know it has not been a great summer.”

The Port Chalmers and Mosgiel pools, which are inside, also had slightly fewer swimmers compared to last season.

Port Chalmers has had 13,903 swimmers so far compared with 14,276 last season and Mosgiel has had 26,300 compared with 29,186.

“We have tried some new things this season. We now have a community pools team leader . . . looking after the pools and can concentrate on their programmes.”

Ms Smith said a few pool parties had been held at the Port Chalmers and Mosgiel pools this season that worked well.

“We are trying to look at different things that will work, so we got some new inflatables and some new pool toys and things like that, just to make them a bit more exciting. That actually worked quite well this season.

“One of the pool parties we had at Port Chalmers rocked. We got really good numbers and it was pretty amazing.

“We are pretty pleased with how it went,” Ms Smith said.

Sausage sizzles will be held at the Port Chalmers pool on Saturday from noon until 2pm and at the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool on Tuesday from noon until 2pm.