Club does bit by cleaning up beach

Good work . . . The Otago Students Spear Fishing and Hunting Club after collecting rubbish at Aramoana Beach last weekend. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A group of University of Otago students have been doing their bit to help the environment.

Last week about 60 students from the Otago Students Spear Fishing and Hunting Club collected more than 450 litres of rubbish from Aramoana Beach.

Club administrator Benjamin Nock said it was a good opportunity for the group to give back to the area they used, rather than take from it.

He said the students were shocked by the amount of micro-plastics and small objects, such as bottle caps and straws, they picked up, as opposed to larger objects.

“We mostly picked up the smallest pieces of plastic, which affect everything just as much as big pieces of plastic,” he said.

Club members came up with the idea as a way to improve the group’s sustainability credentials.

The club teamed up with Our Seas Our Future, a Dunedin charity group which works to protect New Zealand’s coastal and marine ecosystems.

Our Seas Our Future Dunedin trustee Noel Jhinku said the group focused on getting younger people involved, so he was happy to support the club.

“We provided them with clean up gear .. bags and reusable gloves to help them to do their bit.”

He said it was great to see students cleaning up their own backyard.

Mr Nock said they were grateful to Our Seas Our Future for the support.

The clean-up event gave them the chance to show “we do give a stuff about the environment”.

The club planned to do more beach clean-ups.