Chopping wood a bit of a scream



It may be an illusion, but this one might have a ring of truth to it.
Stephen McCabe was cutting firewood at the 6ha Pine Hill block where he lives on Tuesday when he noticed a strange image in a block of wood.
Two small rings surrounded by a larger one at the top of the block looked like a face, and below it there was an oval.
Mr McCabe first thought the image resembled E.T. from the 1980s movie but spotting the distinctive expression on the image’s face, he changed his mind.
“Just around the eyes – because he’s got these rings around his eyes – but as soon as I saw the mouth I thought, `Ah it’s screaming’.”
Screaming. Just like the subject of Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch’s most famous work The Scream.
Mr McCabe was not quite sure what he would do with his newly acquired piece of art and was considering some options when The Star caught up with him yesterday afternoon.

Mr McCabe was playing with the idea of applying a blow torch to the edges in order to keep the face, which might also need a bit of a lacquer to maintain its artistic quality.
The wood might look good on the wall of his shed, he said.
Possibly inspired by a decade-old toasted cheese sandwich bearing an image of the Virgin Mary, which sold for $US28,000 in 2004, Mr McCabe had considered another potentially profitable option.
“I don’t suppose the heirs of Edvard Munch would be interested in paying lots of money for it,” Mr McCabe said.
One option had definitely been swiftly ruled out.
“Pretty sure we won’t be burning that one.”