Special cause . . . Rosie Crozier's family in England line up after their Ride for Rosie, from London to Brighton, which raised money for ChatBus. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A Dunedin counselling service has received support from more than 19,000km away.

When 21-year-old Rosie Crozier died in a car crash last month, instead of flowers her family asked for donations to be made to ChatBus.

A few weeks later, the young Dunedin woman’s extended family in England created a Ride for Rosie Givealittle page and cycled 87km from London to Brighton, also to raise money for Chatbus.

In total, about $3400 has been raised.

Miss Crozier’s father, Steve, said his daughter, who worked in hospitality, had loved children and planned to work in child care, so asking for donations to a child-orientated charity was an “ideal” choice.

“If somebody can give something, instead of giving 50 to 100 bucks for a bunch of flowers, why not give 30 bucks to a charity instead?

“Instead of doing that, if everyone had given flowers those flowers would be gone now.”

While Miss Crozier had not used Chatbus’ services, it was something she would have supported, Mr Crozier said.

The money raised by family and friends in New Zealand inspired Miss Crozier’s family in England, where she was born, to get on board.

Each year, the family cycled the London to Brighton route, usually raising money for the Heart Foundation.

This year, they chose to ride for Rosie.

“They thought it would be nice to support the charity that we had chosen for Rosie,” Mr Crozier said.

He was pleased that friends and family had supported their cause.

“There’s [$3400] that perhaps people might not have thought to donate to any sort of charity in the past.

“We are very proud that people have supported Rosie really and shown their respect in her passing to give that sort of money to charity.”

ChatBus founder and counsellor Averil Pierce said she was “so grateful” to the Croziers and it was “incredible” they had thought of others during such a difficult time.

“When we have [people] like the Crozier family that comes along and wants to help just out of their generosity – I just think that’s amazing.

“It’s really touching to think of others in the middle of your grief.”

The demand for ChatBus was increasing, so the money raised would be used to help keep the “frontline work for the children” going.

“It’s just a really generous gesture.

“That just really tugs at my heartstrings.”