Changes made to electorate boundaries


Some Dunedin voters have been “moved” following changes to electorate boundaries
announced last week.

Both Dunedin electorates had their names changed by the Representation Commission.

Dunedin North is now Dunedin.

Suburbs such as St Clair and Caversham were previously part of the Dunedin North seat, were now part of the new Taieri seat.

The former Dunedin South seat takes in new territory to the south and is now named Taieri. Otago Peninsula, which was part of the Dunedin South seat has been moved to be part of the new Dunedin electorate.

The commission sets electorate boundaries for the following two elections, so the borders announced will be used in this September’s election — should it go ahead as scheduled — and in 2023.

The Electoral Act mandates that there must be 16 seats in the South Island, which usually requires substantial shifts of boundaries to keep population numbers in each electorate roughly equal.

Assuming the election goes ahead in September as planned, New Zealanders will vote in 65 general and seven Maori electorates.