Centre may be renamed

What's in a name . . . The Isis Centre at Wakari Hospital. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

The Isis Centre at Wakari Hospital in Dunedin may be renamed due to the unwanted reminder of its terrorist namesake.

Southern DHB Community Services general manager Glenn Symon said the rehabilitation centre was named Isis when a number of communities services and programmes were brought together more than 20 years ago.

Isis is an acronym standing for 1 Site 1 Service.

In the wake of global publicity about radical militant group Isis in late 2014, a name change for the Isis Centre at Wakari Hospital had been discussed.

“We are again considering options and looking at a process for evaluating and possibly implementing a change . . . we understand people’s misgivings about the title in the present day and also consider the fact that the name doesn’t adequately convey the numerous important healthcare services delivered by the centre.”

Dr Mathew Parackal, a senior lecturer in the University of Otago’s marketing department in Dunedin, said a name change would be sensible due to the negative connection the acronym had, especially in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

Migrants could feel anxious using the services at the centre because the acronym Isis had a “stronger” association to a militant group than to a rehabilitation centre.

“If you are a worthy cause, you don’t want to be associated with something like that – even remotely.”