Campus Watch on summer duty

The beat goes on . . . Campus Watch team members Alannah Johnson and Steve Crosland patrol on campus on Tuesday morning. PHOTO: JESSICA WILSON

From keeping an eye on parties and driving students home, to helping install smoke alarms and offering medical assistance, the team at Campus Watch has seen it all this year.

With the majority of University of Otago students now home for the summer, most of the team’s usual jobs will be put on hold.

But they will still be monitoring the student area.

“We are still 24/7,” team member Alannah Johnson said.

“We are always on.”

During the quieter summer months, the team would spend time securing buildings and keeping an eye on students’ flats.

Students signed up to have Campus Watch regularly check their flat if they decided to leave it unattended.

This year, about 60 flats were on the list to be checked.

Miss Johnson said students tended to come and go at different times, so they only needed their things checked between certain dates.

Fellow team member Steve Crosland said they ensured windows and doors were locked, and that nothing outside the flat had been broken.

If they found anything suspicious, they called the landlord or tenant agency, he said.

During the busier months when students were around, the team could often be found monitoring parties.

“On a busy night we will be monitoring parties, so we will just stand outside and just be a presence really,” Mr Crosland said.