Call to collect glasses, sticks

Lost and found . . . Displaying some of the walking sticks and eyeglasses left at Mosgiel New World are human resources and administration manager Philippa Mitchell (left) and officer administrator Anne Fleming. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Have you occasionally arrived home from the supermarket and felt like you’ve forgotten something, but can’t think what?

Mosgiel New World has made a call for its shoppers to collect items they have left behind.

Mosgiel New World human resources and administration manager Philippa Mitchell said the most common items left behind and awaiting collection were eyeglasses.

About half of them were prescription glasses.

“To replace them would be expensive . . . it would be good to return them to their owners.”

Another popular item to leave behind was walking sticks.

A range of lost walking sticks hangs near the checkouts at the store in the hope someone will recognise their property and collect it.

Other items regularly left behind include children’s clothing and toys, sets of keys, jewellery, credit cards and driver’s licences.

Mrs Mitchell, of Mosgiel, who has worked at the supermarket for 13 years, said some of the more unusual items left behind included hearing aids and prescription drugs.

Items were usually found at a checkout or in trolleys.

Mosgiel New World officer administrator Anne Fleming, of Mosgiel, said people rarely returned to collect a lost item, “which I find bizarre.”