Busy bees . . . Maori Hill School pupils (from left) Gabriella Lawrence (7), Ana Hope-Low (6) and Myles Nicol (7) programme the Bee-Bots to move around a course at Buzz Off! on Friday.

Robotic bumble bees have inspired the name of a junior digital technology workshop.

Buzz Off! is an event for year 0-4 pupils and teachers which enables them to experience computational thinking and how it can be used in the classroom.

The event was held at the Dunedin City Baptist Church on Friday and was run by DigEd, a group of educators who provide digital technology support to teachers and schools.

St Hilda’s Collegiate School teacher Julie McMahon said digital technology would be included in the primary school curriculum next year, so the event was held to give children a taste of what they would be learning and give teachers an idea of what they could do in the classroom.

Ms McMahon, who is also president of the New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers, said the event combined a few key areas, such as science, numeracy and literacy.

Children spent 10 minutes at each of the stations, which were run by pupils from St Hilda’s and Maori Hill School.

Maori Hill School pupils Gabriella Lawrence and Myles Nicol said they enjoyed the Bee-Bot station, where bumble bee robots could be programmed to move in various directions.

The national final of Robocup, a robotics competition for school pupils, was held on Saturday, so the group wanted to have an event for younger pupils, Ms McMahon said.

It was the first time the event had been held and 72 pupils took part.