Business thinks outside box

Sizzling restart . . . Bacon Butty Station co-owners Tia Winikerei and Mike Cornelissen reopened their eatery in central Dunedin on Tuesday. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A Dunedin eatery is unable to go the whole hog since reopening but a reduction in Covid-19 restrictions is helping save its bacon, one of its owner says.

Bacon Buttie Station co-owner Tia Winikerei said she had “remained positive” despite Alert Level 4 restrictions closing her bacon butty business in Ward St.

The Government’s wage subsidy had been “awesome” and she was “grateful” to be able to resume trading again when the nation entered Level 3 on Tuesday.

Covid-19 restrictions had forced businesses “to think outside the box” to continue operating, she said.

To operate in Level 3 her business was using a smartphone app, which allowed customers to order food remotely.

The app had been part of the business for a few years but “had never been pushed”.

The reason for the lack of marketing of the app was because she had never investigated how to get the best out of the technology.

During the lockdown, she discovered the app’s functionality, including a “really cool” delivery option.

The business had never offered a delivery service before.

“I’m a wee bit nervous,” she said on the eve of entering Level 3.

Food ordered on the app could be collected outside the doors of the eatery or could be delivered within a 5km radius of the business.

Orders would be delivered by station co-owner, butcher and her stepfather Mike Cornelissen.

Mr Cornelissen was part of her bubble to help care for grandchildren, she said.

During Level 3, the business would be open for reduced hours to adapt to there being fewer staff available.

Of the seven staff, four would return to work in Level 3.

The delivery service could continue after all restrictions were lifted if there was a demand, Miss Winikerei said.