Board supports name change for Desert Rd


The Otago Peninsula Community Board has backed a resident’s bid to have the name of Desert Rd, off Harington Point Rd, changed.

Desert Rd resident Edward Ellison wrote to the Dunedin City Council requesting the name be changed to Moepuku Rd, in reference to a local geographical feature and to better reflect the history of the area.

Council transport group manager Richard Saunders said the council was “very comfortable” with the case Mr Ellison put forward and thought it was a “good reason” to change the name.

Board members voted in favour of the change.

Also at the meeting, it was decided chairman Paul Pope would represent the board on a steering committee which is to decide the future of three Dunedin City Council-owned properties in Ocean Grove.

The facilities are Tomahawk School, Ocean Grove Domain Hall and Ocean Grove Recreation Hall.

Council property services group manager David Bainbridge sought support from the board to help set up the committee, which 36 residents have shown interest in joining.

It would work with the council to develop the scope of improvements needed to upgrade the recreation hall into a modern, multi-purpose facility.

The school is to be demolished in March-April, and the domain hall, which is “not in great state”, will not receive any more investment from the council.

The community will be consulted on both properties before the end of the year.

“I think we want to get the recreation hall set up as the hub and get whatever the community want in there done, because what that ends up as will impact a little bit on what they want to do with the domain hall and the school site,” Mr Bainbridge said.