Big demand for second-hand uniforms


A kilt would
come in [and] it
would go out the
same day

Kaikorai Valley College
Parents Group member
Kim Dasler


A good proportion of pupils have returned to school this week kitted out in second-hand uniforms.

In the past few weeks, second-hand uniform shops have done a roaring trade as parents aim to make their money go further during the expensive back-to-school period.
King’s High School PTSA member Jeanette Robinson Tromop, who runs the uniform shop, said the shop had been “crazy” busy before the school year started.
She had advertised times the shop would be open but still received messages from parents who wanted access to the shop outside the allocated times, she said.
“I’m just getting people ringing all the time.”
Ms Robinson Tromop thought many people were buying and selling their uniforms online but said the uniform shop was still “worthwhile”.
“I have been really busy and there’s a definite need for it.
“There are a whole bunch of people that struggle financially and so we are just providing them that service.”
Kaikorai Valley College Parents Group member Kim Dasler, who manages the uniform shop, said she had people contacting her about the shop a few days before school started.
Kilts and blazers were the most in-demand items and were often not on sale for long.
“A kilt would come in [and] it would go out the same day.
“You can pretty much guarantee that is it going to sell.”
Ms Dasler said it was an expensive time of year for parents, especially when they also had to buy other items such as shoes and stationery. A survey conducted by PureProfile, commissioned by Postie+, found 88% of New Zealand families experienced financial stress due to the cost of school uniforms
at the start of the school year.
Almost a quarter of the parents surveyed said they sacrificed basic necessities such as food, electricity, clothing and personal hygiene in order to pay for a uniform.