Bear active during lockdown

Hard at work . . . Rona the bear chops some wood, climbs a ladder to clean the chimney and does some exercise. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A giant brown bear has been hard at work during lockdown.

Paul Barlow, of Fairfield, has put a creative spin on putting his teddy in a window.

The bear, aptly named Rona, has been outside on the Exercycle, working from home and cutting the lawn, among other things.

Mr Barlow said he started creating the scenes for the bear so he could send photos to his grandchildren, who live on the other side of town, but noticed the positive response it was getting from his neighbours.

So each day he created a different setup for the people passing by on their daily walks, who would comment on the scene.

“It got to the stage where we were getting so many comments from people,” Mr Barlow said.

“It just sort of snowballed.”

So far, he has come up with about 30 different ideas.

“People say they look forward to it each day.”

Rona even had a tea party for all the other little bears.

“While we were working out the front we heard so many different comments.

“It’s just given a lot of people a lot of joy.”