Battered cheese rolls best sellers

Popular . . . Gold Star Takeaways co-owner Minnie Yan presents a deep-fried cheese roll in her shop in Bradford today. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Deep-fried cheese rolls are a hot seller in a Dunedin takeaway shop.

Gold Star Takeaways co-owner Minnie Yan said she began selling deep-fried cheese rolls last week.

The rolls were added to the menu after a “nice local teenage Kiwi boy” entered the shop in Kaikorai Valley Rd and taught her how to make them.

The rolls had been popular and she had sold more than two dozen yesterday.

The feedback from diners had been positive, she said.

“They are cheap – $1.50 – which people like.”

The family had owned the shop for 23 years and were considering making the deep-fried delight a regular menu item, she said.