Attack victim wags again

Life of Riley . . . Jack Holland walks his dog Riley in Ocean View last week. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUES

Dunedin dog Riley is back to her usual playful self.

The shih-tzu-cross appeared in The Star in March after she was mauled by two large dogs.

Riley was being taken for a walk by her owner Jack Holland (85) when she had her neck ripped open after the dogs escaped their yard in Brighton Rd, Ocean View.

Following the attack, the once active dog became introverted and struggled to sleep.

However, the wound healed well and Riley had returned to her usual self and was eager to play when children visited, Mr Holland said.

Riley had resumed walking around the neighbourhood and was “right as rain” interacting with other dogs.

Mr Holland plans to celebrate Christmas with his wife Clarice and family in Ocean View.

“Why go away when you live in a holiday spot?”

He believed the cleverest decision he ever made was emigrating from London to New Zealand in 1953 and never looking back.

“Anyone who has immigrated to New Zealand has made a brilliant move.”

The two dogs that attacked Riley were classified “dangerous” by Dunedin City Council and their owner paid the vet bill.