Time to enrol . . . Dunedin Registrar of Electors Dee Vickers (right) and deputy registrar David Morris display the 1100 sets of electoral enrolment papers which have already been returned as "gone no address" after last week's mail out. PHOTO: BRENDA HARWOOD

More than 1000 Dunedin voters have had their names wiped off the electoral roll this week.

The names were removed from the roll after 1100 enrolment packs, sent out by the Electoral Commission last Monday, were returned “gone no address” (GNA).

The packs were among 92,000 sent to registered voters in the Dunedin North, Dunedin South and Te Tai Tonga (Southern district) electorates.

Dunedin registrar of electors Dee Vickers said people who had changed address and/or had not received an enrolment pack were not enrolled to vote.

Deputy registrar of electors David Morris was expecting to receive a further 1000 GNA packs in the next few weeks.

He would then set about trying to locate the missing people in the hope of getting them back on the roll.

Mrs Vickers said one of her biggest frustrations was the ongoing struggle to get students enrolled in the Dunedin North electorate.

As at March 31, only 46.53% of eligible voters in the 18 to 24 age group were enrolled in Dunedin North, leaving about 9300 missing.

After a big push by field worker Kay Patrick, that number had risen to 49.62% by June 30, or 8658 young people enrolled either in Dunedin North or Te Tai Tonga out of an eligible population of 17,450.

Of the overall eligible population of 55,420, 44,616 or 80.51% of Dunedin North residents were enrolled to vote.

The Dunedin South electorate remained one of the best in the country, with 95.76% or 48,282 voters from the eligible population of 50,420 enrolled, Mrs Vickers said.

In the 18 to 24 age group, 76.61% of voters were enrolled in Dunedin South, leaving about 1270 not on the roll.

By law, eligible voters must be registered on the electoral roll, but are not legally required to vote.

Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell is encouraging more Maori to register and cast their vote, after launching a programme aimed at boosting electoral participation.

The $2million campaign, branded “For Future’s Sake Vote – #FFS Vote”, will use social media and community engagement activities to raise awareness and encourage more Maori to enrol and vote.

If you have not received an enrolment detail pack, you can enrol online at, phone 800 36-76-56, or pop into the Filleul St office to enrol on the spot.