Rally driver offers lesson of a lifetime

Up to speed . . . Dunedin rally driver Emma Gilmour is set to give a lesson of a lifetime to a teenage motorist. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Teenage Dunedin motorists have the chance to win a lesson from professional rally driver Emma Gilmour.

The New Zealand Rally Championship driver said she would pick the winner up from their school in a Suzuki Swift rally car, take them on a driving lesson, give them a prize pack and drop them home.

The lesson was on a range of general “every day” defensive driving tips and was not focused on rally driving.

Gilmour has had previous experience working as a driving instructor.

“Road safety is something I’m passionate about.”

Learner drivers were vulnerable because of a lack of experience, so she would teach basic tips, such as how to scan the road and how to sit in a car.

Competition entrants must hold a driver licence, be pupils aged between 16 and 18 and live within a 20-minute drive of central Dunedin.

Entries must be made before Monday and the lesson must be used between July 22 and 26.

The competition was being run by one of her long-standing sponsors – Vantage Windows and Doors.

Enter at www.vantage.co.nz/lessonofalifetime


Mechanical woes have destroyed Gilmour’s national rally championship hopes but she believes she has nonetheless “turned a corner”.

She drove her Suzuki Swift in four of the six rounds of the New Zealand Rally Championship this season.

“We had engine fails at the first two and we had to skip the third one because we had no engines left. We had a new engine at the fourth round but a sensor failed so we didn’t finish that either.”

She had a “good run” and won the Circle Hill Rally-sprint, run by the Otago Sports Car Club, near Milburn, on Saturday.

She planned to finish the final two rounds of the championship despite being unable to win it.

“I feel like we’ve turned a corner but the season is over and out,” Gilmour said.