Open day for new riders


The Mosgiel BMX Club is holding the event between 2pm and 4pm at their home Wickliffe St track which will be a chance for newcomers to the sport to ride around, try their hand at a new sport, and register for the club if they wish.
The open day was, however, dependent on weather conditions because the track had taken some wear and tear over a wet winter, Mosgiel BMX Club committee member Susan Larsen said. “It’s kind of a bit rough in places where kids have been riding through on mountain bikes and just messed it up really. And it makes it a bit dangerous for our wee ones to be riding if the track’s not nice and smooth.” The track would likely require some repair work in the near future. Mrs Larsen said the club had been going for about ten years and had a membership of between 30 and 40 children, who raced each week on Tuesdays between 6pm-7pm from October 18 until the end of the first school term next year.  BMXers registered for each race night and began the evening racing in their respective age groups from 5 to 14. After this initial race, the winner of each grade would progress to racing against an older age bracket while the racer who came in last would subsequently race against a younger age bracket. This meant racers would be placed alongside fellow bikers of comparable ability.
“By the end of five races, they’re all mixed up in their age groups.” It typically took about two to three minutes for each child to complete the track.
This system was repeated during each race night.  “We do their age groups all together for the first race every week.” However, the BMX Club was geared towards enjoyment rather than an emphasis on heavy competition, Mrs Larsen said. “We’re sort of more about having fun rather than competition. It’s more of a fun family night. It’s just a good starting point for kids to start off racing BMX.”

For more information, see the Mosgiel BMX Club Facebook page.