No sitting in a showroom for this well-used classic

Daily runabout . . . Lisa Coghill and her 1955 Jaguar Mark 1. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Lisa Coghill, of Dunedin, talks to Shawn McAvinue about her 1955 Jaguar Mark 1.

How long have you owned your Jaguar?

Twenty six years – my husband Paul likes Jags and he bought it from its original owner.

How often do you drive it?

I’ve been driving it off and on for the last 26 years, but for the last 12 years it has been my fulltime car and I drive it every day.

Is the paintwork original?

It was yellow, but we painted it British racing green.

Any other modifications?

The Mark 1 usually has drum brakes, this has disc brakes and it has period power steering – the power steering available in 1955. When I had three daughters, aged 5 and under, I would drive it without the power steering and it was a nightmare, it was so heavy.

Did your children enjoy being driven around in it?

I used to drop them off at school in it and they did not want me to stop outside the school. They were a bit embarrassed, but all their mates thought it was cool.

Is its 3.4-litre engine thirsty?

Yes, I probably use a tank in a week and it costs about $140 to fill the tank.

Why does it have a Highlands sticker on top of the windscreen?

Paul and I are members of the Highlands Motorsport Park and we got members of the year last year. All the cars needed a sticker and I haven’t bothered to take it off yet.

Do you race it at the park?

No, I have taken it around Highlands on a winter driving training session – everyone else had modern cars, so it was a bit tricky teaching me.

Have you ever been tempted to trade it in on a new Jaguar?

No. The new Jags look pretty hunky-dory but all the modern cars look alike, where as this one is different and it stands out – I get a lot of people of all ages giving me the thumbs up and waving. I think it’s quite cool to have something different.