Introducing Mavis . . . Jared Miller, of Dunedin, with his 1965 Ford Falcon XP Futura convertible. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Torque of the Town

Jared Miller’s 1965 Ford Falcon XP Futura convertible

Has it always had a soft top?

Is was originally a hard top but it got cut down to a convertible in Australia.

Has it always been this colour?

No. Originally, it was red.

Is the engine original?

No, it has got a 5-litre fuel-injected V8 out of a 1993 Ford Fairlane – it’s a three-speed automatic and has its original C4 transmission.

Has the engine ever given you any trouble?

Nah, starts first pop, every time.

What is the fastest speed you’ve had it up to?

The speedo is in miles per hour and it could easily do 90mph (145kmh) but it could go faster if you weren’t worried about losing your licence.

Is it thirsty for fuel?

It is a wee bit, but along with the thirst comes the fun.

What do you like about it?

It’s got a bit of character and it’s cool to drive with the top down.

Does it get driven daily?

My wife, Chantelle Walker, has been driving it to work every day, but we bought her a BMW on Saturday so she is going to take that to work and we’ll leave this in the garage.

Does the Futura have a nickname?

Yup – Chantelle named it Mavis and it stuck.

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