Holden on to the Oz band

Enthusiastic . . . Holden Enthusiasts Club of Otago members Barry Finlayson and Paula Bouman with their Holdens. Mr Finlayson drives a 1972 Holden Kingswood (left) and Mrs Bouman drives a 1978 HZ Premier. PHOTO: JOSHUA RIDDIFORD

Holden lovers will assemble in Dunedin this weekend to share their love for the car maker.

The 14th New Zealand Holden Nationals will feature more than 80 vehicles on display at the Edgar Centre from 9am until 4pm this Saturday

Entry for adults is $5 and free for children under the age of 12.

Holden Enthusiasts Club of Otago is organising the event and long-time club member Dave Bouman had not been hosted in Dunedin for 20 years.

The event occurred every two years and alternated between the North and the South Island.

Mr Bouman said his first car was a Holden, which stoked his passion for the vehicles.

“My first car was a Holden and I bought it off my school teacher. I paid $250 for it and it was the most reliable car ever.”

Then an apprentice mechanic, Mr Bouman said he appreciated how the car ran.

“It was plain to see that the Holden was a superior built vehicle.”

Mr Bouman is rebuilding a 1970s-era Beechey Monaro, named after the Australian race car driver Norm Beechey, but this would not be ready for this weekend’s event.

Of particular interest this weekend would be a rebuilt SS Torana Hatchback which was “stunning”, Mr Bouman said.

Mr Bouman’s wife, Paula, drives a 1978 HZ Premier.

The club, which meets monthly, wants new members. Information: Holden Enthusiasts Club of Otago Facebook page.