Holden and owner to park for four weeks

Parked up . . . Mates Car Cruize organiser Paul Mann, of Dunedin, has parked his 1966 Holden HR in the garage as he and the community enter self-isolation. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

Paul Mann, of Dunedin, talks to Shawn McAvinue about his 1966 Holden HR and the future of Mates Car Cruize.

You organise the monthly cruise in Dunedin. Have they been cancelled?

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the way it’s got to go. They are cancelled until everything is back to normal.

I see you had polished your 1966 Holden HR for a cruise?

I did but it’ll be stuck in the garage for a while now.

Are you hopeful of running a cruise for Mother’s Day in May?

We’ll see how we go. It depends on any decisions the Government makes.

Do you have a plan for self-isolation?

I’ll just do a few jobs around the home.

I hear you’ve always dreamed of building a rat rod. Maybe now is the time?

I’ve got to go get all the bits first and you can’t travel when you’re self-isolating, so it’ll have to wait.

What news hit you harder this year — the Holden brand set to disappear or your cruise being cancelled? 

Neither — the hardest news to hear was the self-isolation. I’m not one for sitting at home
— after a week I’ll start tearing my hair out.