Thirty years of catering to scrap metal needs

Dunedin headquarters . . . Otago Metal Industries in Green Island. PHOTO: THE STAR

A division of a Dunedin business has a been part of the city’s landscape for more than 30 years.

Rollo Metals (Dunedin) Ltd had a skip truck for serving scrap metal customers. In 1985, Wayne Andrews from Copper Specialists and Graham Rollo from Rollo Metals joined forces to become Otago Metal Industries Ltd.

Otago Metals Skip Hire started in 1985 to provide rubbish skips for hire for commercial and private hire, in the Dunedin area. A division of Otago Metal Industries Ltd’s associated companies, Otago Metals Central, Cromwell, and The Crusher Man, Palmers Scrap Metal, Invercargill.

An Otago Metal Industries mobile car crusher. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The skip side of the business was renamed in 2018 to Otago Skip Hire. They have skips in three sizes – 5m, 7m and 9m – for commercial and private hire. We provide a prompt service.

They operate four large truck and trailers fitted with logging cranes and a huge bin to pick up scrap from all over Otago, Southland and Central Otago. They also have many many other specialised trucks.

A Palmers Scrap Metal truck (left) and an Otago Metal Industries truck. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Each of their yards has a press for compacting light gauge steel and whiteware into exportable bales. They also have two large car compactors – one based in Dunedin and one in Cromwell – to handle cars and whiteware, roofing iron for transport to the shredders.

To see more pictures of what they do, go to Otago Metals on Facebook.