Making sense of modern cameras


Digital Photography for Beginners


After decades in photography, Brian Miller converted to a digital camera in 2005. In 2008 he wrote a pocket guidebook Digital Cameras The Easy Way aimed at people who were struggling to make sense of their complicated cameras – a book that has sold more than 12,000 copies.
In 2009, Brian began running classes to teach digital photography to beginners.
More than 600 people in Dunedin have now completed these classes and each year the cameras get larger and the ages of participants gets younger.
Smartphones may have taken over the bottom end of the “point and shoot” market, but more and more people are rediscovering photography as a hobby and the classes now range from retirees to teenagers, while cameras range from compacts to SLRs.
After years of teaching, Brian finds the most important aspect when buying a camera is how easy the menu system is.
The course is run once a year and covers all the essential of digital photography. Learn to edit, organise and file your photos so you can share them in print or online.