Students back and so is costume demand


Dunedin second-hand stores have been inundated with student buying costumes for Orientation Week parties.
Op Shop on St Andrew manager Chrissy Anderson said they had been selling togas since Wednesday last week (15/02/2017). Hundreds of students danced the night away at the O Week toga party at Forsyth Barr Stadium on Tuesday night.
All the white sheets donated to the op shop were saved and brought out at “toga time”, Ms Anderson said. The shop even gave away free safety pins to students who bought a sheet. The staff also showed the students how to tie their togas if they needed help.
“There are lots of creative ways to tie togas,” Ms Anderson said.
The store gets a lot of business from students, not just buying togas but buying other costumes for themed flat parties“We have students coming in until mid-March,” Ms Anderson said. The shop catered for a wide range of requests from students, for everything from Hawaiian shirts to pirate costumes, she said. “The best ones are the colour parties because the store is colour blocked.” It was best if the students went costume hunting in advance, so staff could find something for them at the donation centre. However, many of them left it to the last minute, she said. “We love having students in the store,” Ms Anderson said. “They add vibrancy.”
Hospice Shop manager Lesley Porter said she also had a lot of students in the shop buying togas. She agreed the students added vibrancy to the store.
“We love having students in, especially when the guys want to dress up as girls,” she said.
Ms Porter enjoys helping the students find costumes for parties.
“We have a lot of fun with them.”