Park investment ‘leap of faith’

Colourful . . . Leap Dunedin manager Lyndon Chalmers looks over the new climbing walls from a viewing area in the trampoline park in Kensington. PHOTO: SHAWN MCAVINUE

A “significant investment” by a Dunedin trampoline park business to diversify its operation to include climbing walls has been “a leap of faith”.

Leap Dunedin manager Lyndon Chalmers said the Kensington business would reopen today, after closing for renovation in April.

The renovation included installing 20 climbing walls, ranging from 6.5m to 9.5m in height. Leap Dunedin was the first trampoline park in New Zealand to include climbing walls, he said.

The climbing walls were a “premium attraction”, which required “a significant investment”.

He declined to reveal how much they cost.

“We are confident Dunedin people will see it as a great destination for healthy, physical, fun.”

The walls were restricted to those aged 3 or older.

Each wall had a theme and a name such as “Skyscraper”, “Speed Climb”, “Dark Tower” and “Leap of Faith”.

For the “Leap of Faith” challenge, people climbed a ladder to stand on a platform, from where they leaped to grab a large bag suspended in the air.

Safety equipment was used on all challenges, so if they fell, they were automatically lowered to the ground slowly.

At least eight new part-time staff would be employed to join an existing team of 10 staff.